Faster, easier access to CARPROOF’s valuation data.

Checking the run list before auction day? Browsing a listing site? No matter which vehicle you’re looking at, the CARPROOF VVR QuickView™ Chrome extension allows for instant access to CARPROOF’s valuation data on any website or web-based app where a VIN is visible.

It’s super easy to get started. No technical knowledge required.

Just download the extension, and hover your mouse over the VIN to see the average True Retail Sold™, average Listings, and average Wholesale Sold values, with the applicable odometer readings.


Get the Chrome browser.

You need Google Chrome to get started, which is great, because Chrome is the most widely-used browser world-wide.


Get the free extension from Google.

The VVR QuickView Chrome extension can be added to your Chrome browser at the Chrome Web Store. When you visit the store with the Chrome browser, it automatically installs when you click add to Chrome.

Activate the extension.

Once it’s in your browser, click the icon to activate the extension. This will highlight all of the VINs on the page you are viewing – now you are ready to view the valuation data.

View the valuation data.

Hover your cursor over a VIN to view the valuation data. Start buying and selling smarter
Note: This extension requires an active subscription to CARPROOF VVR. Usage of this extension is subject to your CARPROOF VVR subscription agreement and the CARPROOF Conditions of Use.