CARPROOF's Vehicle Valuation Report
A smarter way to buy and sell.
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Sell vehicles in an
average of 29 days.

On average, vehicles turn in 40+ days. Turn yours over in 29 days with VVR.
Cut the cost of
negotiation in half.

Price negotiations with customers typically result in vehicles being sold for 8% less than they’re listed for. Cut this rate by nearly 50% with VVR.
Appraise with confidence
Price a vehicle too high and you’ll lose out on leads. Price it too low and you’ll lose out on profit. Price it just right with True Retail Sold™ values. You need to know more than just what similar vehicles are listed for. You need to know what they wholesale for, and what they’ve actually sold for, and VVR tells you all that in one user-friendly, intuitive package.
Win more trades
The VVR Offer Sheet helps you build trust and confidence by clearly outlining your trade-in proposal in a simple, transparent way. Plus, we’ve learned that 60% more customers are happy with their trade when it comes with a full explanation. Use VVR – customers will walk away happy and you’ll win more trades. It’s a win-win.
Save time
VVR brings important vehicle valuation data into a single report, which includes True Retail Sold values, current and recent online listings and auction wholesale sold data. Spend less time researching what a car is worth and more time selling.

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