Frequently Asked Questions

Below please find answers to CARPROOF’s most frequently asked questions. Should you not find the answer to your question, or if you would prefer to speak with us directly, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Ordering and delivery

  • Which CARPROOF product should I choose?

  • How do I purchase a CARPROOF report?

  • What do I need to order a report?

  • Which address do I enter on the payment form?

  • How will I receive my CARPROOF report?

  • How long does it take to get a CARPROOF report?

  • What if I do not receive my email with my CARPROOF report link within a few minutes?

  • Are there situations when, although I did receive my email with my CARPROOF report link, that my report will not be complete within minutes?

  • What is a QuickProof?

  • When I buy a CARPROOF report, is it for one report only? Can I check more than one vehicle?

Information in your CARPROOF report

  • How current is the data included in a CARPROOF report?

  • Where does CARPROOF get its data?

  • Does CARPROOF have U.S. data as well as Canadian data?

  • Is the same CARPROOF report I purchase available in French as well as in English?

  • In the summary, the CARPROOF report notes a “Vehicle Status” – what does that mean?

  • What types of odometer readings are included in the report?

  • Is accident information included in the report?

  • My report is showing that the vehicle has been in an accident. What does that mean to me, and my decision about whether to purchase it?

  • Is contact information from past owners in the report?

  • Will the report tell me if the vehicle was, at some point, stolen?

  • I received my report but it says that a jurisdiction or data source is not reporting. What does this mean and what do I do now?

  • What is a “lien” and what does it mean if my CARPROOF report shows lien information about the vehicle?

  • Does CARPROOF guarantee the lien information in the report?

  • What is “Branding”? What does it mean if a vehicle has been registered in a jurisdiction and branded as “Salvage,” “Rebuilt,” “Junk,” or “Non-Repairable?”

  • What does a $0 claim on a CARPROOF mean?

  • Why does my CARPROOF show an accident but it doesn’t provide a dollar value?

  • My report says its ‘Pending.’ What does that mean?

  • What does a registration brand/status of “moved” mean?

  • What is the CARPROOF Accident Free™ badge?

  • My report doesn’t show any damage or accident-related information, so why is the Accident Free™ badge not on my report?

  • My report doesn’t show the Accident Free™ badge, so does that mean it’s a bad car?

  • What is the CARPROOF One Owner™ badge?

  • I know this vehicle has only had one owner, so why is the CARPROOF One Owner™ badge not showing up on my report?

  • My report doesn’t show the One Owner™ badge, so does that mean that there has been more than one owner?

Questions about the vehicle’s VIN

  • What is the vehicle’s “VIN”?

  • What are some tips to ensure I enter the correct VIN?

  • Do the characters in a vehicle’s VIN mean anything?

  • Where do I find the vehicle’s VIN?

Other general questions

  • Do I have to own the vehicle in order to run a CARPROOF report on it?

  • What should I do if the CARPROOF report has information that is different than what I was told by the seller of the vehicle?

  • Can I run a CARPROOF report for classic cars, motorcycles, or boats?

  • Does CARPROOF offer a subscription, or "all you can search" option?

  • How can I be sure that the CARPROOF report a seller is showing me, is legitimate? Are there ways to spot a fake report?

  • How can you verify your CARPROOF report?

  • Does CARPROOF provide live customer service on the phone, in addition to by email?

  • I am a car dealer, or an industry service provider. How can I become a member with CARPROOF?

  • Why does a BC report cost more money?

  • Does a CARPROOF report expire?

  • Is it safe to send a CARPROOF report to potential buyers?

Your security and privacy

  • Why are you asking for my email address?

  • Is my credit card information secure?

  • What is CARPROOF's Privacy Policy?

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